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Meet Nero the Doberman. Nero was born 4/8/08 and has been my training partner since the day he came home with me. He assists me with evaluations and lessons. He teaches dogs and their owners what it means to be a loyal well behaved dog.
Nero was a therapy dog for 4 years before a chronic health issue forced him to retire. He still comes to lessons and brings joy to peoples lives and inspires me to do the same.
Meet Loki the Miniature Poodle!
Loki is the newest addition to the FMDT family, born on 11/30/11. He is a bundle of joy ready to start the big dog work. He is an aspiring therapy dog and happy working partner to both Nero and myself. This little rascal lives up to his name.
Meet Copper the super mutt! Copper is the oldest member of the FMDT family born around December 2003. Copper has worked hard with me for 6 years and is now semi-retired, meaning he gets to come to all the good stuff, and skip the hard work. Copper taught me many lessons in my early training career and continues to teach me how to be a great owner.
    Full Moon Dog Training is a truly mobile company, and has been so since its inception. Dog training was not my dream from childhood, however when I chose this career path I did so imagining that it was and striving to be the best I could be. Knowing that I did not have the knowledge base to provide the type of service I desired I sought to educate myself. That search led me to National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. There I attained the educational base necessary for me to go into the world and provide meaningful instruction to pet owners. Since then I have continued to educate myself by reading books, attending seminars, and talking with seasoned professional.